Our Purpose: To provide humanitarian aid and support for the children and young people of Ukraine, including:

  • food, clothing, shelter and medical services for children living in street kids' centers, shelters, orphanages, sanitaria, under and on the streets or in abject poverty with their family;
  • educational support;
  • AIDS awareness and prevention;
  • any other area of demonstrated need.

How You Can Help: Contact us regarding your desire to help, whether you are someone who is willing to assist in administrative tasks (i.e., making phone calls, stuffing envelopes), writing grant applications, or even interested in visiting Ukraine with UCAF.

You may also assist UCAF financially by sending your donation at the address shown at the bottom of this screen and in the Contact Us page of this website. You can designate your donation for one or more of our ongoing projects or for general UCAF needs.

% of Your Donation Used for Overhead: ZERO! All general overhead, including printing, postage, etc., are covered in full by a few supporters, allowing 100% of your donation to be used to meet children's needs in Ukraine.

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