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Our Story

The combination of extreme cold, lack of resources, and the ongoing war in Kherson creates a dire situation for the people living there, especially families with children. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Urgent need for heating: Potbelly stoves are the primary source of heat, and with limited access to firewood, people in Kherson struggle to keep their homes warm, especially during the long winter months (November to March).
  • Vulnerability of children: Cold houses pose a significant health risk for children, increasing their susceptibility to illnesses.
  • Logistical challenges: Delivering wood from Western Ukraine is inefficient, and the war has left families financially depleted and focused on basic survival.
  • Briquettes as a solution: Briquettes, produced in Western Ukraine, are a more efficient and sustainable way to provide heat and can support a large number of families.
  • Community response: Fellow residents of Kherson are banding together, with volunteers using their own vehicles to deliver briquettes to remote villages.

How UCAF is responding:

  • Raising awareness: Sharing information about the situation in Kherson, specifically the critical need for heating solutions, helping to mobilize support and resources.
  • Raising Funds: Campaigns to raise funds for purchasing and delivering briquettes to Kherson villages to directly address the immediate need for warmth.
  • Building Partnerships: Establishing relationships with trustworthy partners in Ukraine already involved in relief efforts allows for streamlined assistance and avoids duplication of efforts.