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An estimated 500,000 children in Ukraine are experiencing severe and daily adversities such as parental neglect, abuse, and abandonment, physical injuries, illness, disabilities, and malnutrition, psychological trauma, and much more. These challenges are intensified by a critical lack of basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter.


CHRONIC ISSUES FACING UKRAINE such as poverty, corruption, ruling-class greed, unhealthy social values, and poor parental training have plagued this region for decades before it was further destabilized by the Russian invasion leading to family separations, loss of employment, and economic upheaval. The war has intensified these pre-existing hardships, causing forced displacement and loss of parents, families, homes, villages, and farmlands.


IF WE CHOOSE TO TURN ASIDE and ignore what we know to be true, these precious children will continue to suffer from insufficient access to life-saving healthcare and medical supplies; vital education and vocational training; rehabilitation for physical and emotional trauma; inadequate nutrition, clothing, and shelter; parental neglect, abuse, and abandonment; circumstantial and financial poverty; and vulnerability to childhood exploitation, organ harvesting, and sex trafficking.


WHEN WE CHOOSE TO ACT, children in Ukraine will experience life-changing transformation in the form of relief from their suffering, improvement of their circumstances, physical, psychological, and familial health, vocational training, and hope for a better future without having to leave their homeland. And you will experience a tangible measure of satisfaction knowing that you are choosing to act out of compassion to bring help, offer hope, and bring healing to these precious little ones.

Become an Investor in the cause!  Become a Hero to the children! Participate in the transformation of precious lives!


UCAF makes it possible for compassionate people like yourself to help transform the lives of needy children in Ukraine who suffer from severe hardships of many kinds by securely channeling their financial support to trustworthy partners in Ukraine who, in turn, deliver life-changing help, hope, and healing to these children.

How can I be sure that my investments are being used wisely?

We track, account for, and report on where every dollar goes.

How can I be sure that my investments are making a significant difference?

You will receive ongoing feedback from various sources in the form of emails, photos, videos, webinars, reports, etc.

How can I be sure that my investments are being directed to the campaign I selected?

We thoroughly vet the security and reliability of the financial transfer services we use to transfer funds.

How can I be sure that my investments are not being confiscated or siphoned off during the transfer process?

We thoroughly vet the security and reliability of financial transfer services we use to transfer funds internationally and account for every transfer from beginning to end.

How can I be sure that my investments are not being used for other purposes?

Donors receive ongoing feedback as to how donor investments are being directed to address designated campaigns.

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By meeting the various needs of the children in Ukraine, we can lay the foundation for a stronger, more hopeful future, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive despite the challenges they've faced.

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